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I Read scripts and I would love to read yours! 

Everybody needs fresh eyes on their work, and I am here to help you get it ready for the world. I have years of experience incorporating notes from agents, producers, and directors, on every kind of project from features to treatments.

I also have several years of experience as an actual teacher and tutor, so if you are early in your writing life and looking for some direction and encouragement, don't be shy!

Your script is your baby, and I'm always honored when someone wants to share their work with me. I love working with writers to make their scripts sharper, clearer, and more effective. You want something out of this project, and I want to help you make it the best it can be!


Shorts (anything 19 pages or less) - $50


Pilots Half-Hour (20-35 pages) - $80


Pilots Hour (36-65 pages) - $100


Features (125 pages max) - $150


Phone Consult -

$60 - just phone, no written notes, any length script

$40 - add phone convo to any of the written feedback options above.


"I'm in awe of Celey's ability to not only identify the problems in a piece of writing, but to offer solutions. (And not just any solutions - excellent, smart, and hilarious ones!) Plus, she's a generally awesome person who makes the process fun. After talking about my work with her, I'm always so excited to dive back in. Picture me shouting this from the rooftops, because that's how much I vouch for her: WORK WITH CELEY." - Laura Hankin, novelist

"What I appreciate most about Celey's notes is how engaged she is with your script. She never critiques without offering a solution. You can tell that she loves good stories and cares about making them better." - Nick P, writer/journalist

"The best thing about receiving feedback from Celey is that it's always constructive. I have paid good money to other script readers and ended up feeling so downtrodden after receiving the feedback that I've abandoned the project altogether. In contrast, I always feel uplifted by Celey's encouragement and excited about the potential that she sees in my material. She's a naturally proactive person, meaning that she really wants to help move things forward, rather than sit around pointing out flaws and problems. She's able to think critically about your script without being judgmental — which may seem like a subtle difference, but it's actually a very meaningful one. As icing on the cake, Celey is thoughtful, intuitive, energetic and wicked funny. I'd recommend her to writers at any stage in their careers!"- Kate Emswiler, writer/editor

"Celey's notes were clear, thorough, and extremely thoughtful.  She helped me immensely with my short film script - suggesting changes while simultaneously honoring my voice." - Julianne Cross, actor/writer/producer

"Celey’s notes and feedback helped me know my characters better and give them much clearer motivations. She helped improve jokes. And the feedback she gave on structure and style was great for a novice like myself. " - Seth Wharton, editor/videographer/director

"Celey is the best there is! She is my go-to person for constructive, honest, and insightful feedback. She doesn’t sugarcoat notes, yet she is extremely kind and collaborative, and gives you concrete insights that elevate your project in tangible ways. She helped me revise my feature screenplay, which went on to win awards and caught the attention of producers and talent. This wouldn't have been possible without Celey’s guidance and expertise. She is the first person I recommend to people looking for help with their writing projects and the first person I go to when I need an honest and critical yet compassionate set of eyes. I trust her insights completely, and her help is invaluable." -Rebecca Roth, writer/director

What you can expect...

In General - I’ll read the script and provide feedback: General impressions, what’s working for me and what I bumped up against, suggestions for moving forward, thoughts on Character/Tone/Plot, etc.

For shorts and half hours this usually amounts to 1-2 pages, and for hour-longs & features it will generally be more like 2-4.

I also will annotate the PDF with edits, thoughts as I’m reading, questions, and everything from typos to suggested line tweaks or joke punches. (If you're looking for joke punches!)


Phone - I often feel like a quick chat is better than 10 pages of notes! If you agree, we can set up a zoom or phone consult for 45 min. You can do this instead of any written notes, or in addition!

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